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Sarah Tax Evader Palin

February 6, 2010

Talk about a Cheating Wannabe Politician!

Oh Ms. Palin, Please do not tell us that you are a Tax Cheat and Tax Evader? What will your pathetic supporters think of you? Wait, don’t answer that… I forgot that your brainless supporters would rather not pay taxes either.

Palin Tax Free Home Site

Red Block Indicates The Palin's Parcel in Question

According to Dave Dunivan, the assessor for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, a recent Aerial survey of the area, they noticed several buildings on the parcel owned by the Palin family which at be assessed in the past as only an empty parcel of land. Here is the proof from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, notice the building assessment value, which has been this way for over three years.

Palin's Tax Free "Cabin"

Here is a photo of just one of the “Cabins” on the property and remember there are several buildings.  Palin’s attorney, said it is not the responsibility of property owners to report structures that go up on their land. But, according to Dunivan, owners are required by state law to report any omissions or errors in their tax assessments. Often, the borough learns of new structures in remote areas when neighbors report them.

Now Ms. Palin, did you really expect to keep this hidden from the Borough because it was so remote? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself with all the money you are making to be a tax fraud? You do know that is a crime in this country, right Ms. Palin? Oh and I was wondering given this home is facing East, can you see the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa from your living room window? Was that the purpose of this house so you can watch when Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister rears his ugly head with regards to oil pipelines, you’re ready to cut it off?

The Epitome of Hypocrisy!

Just when you thought you heard it all on this story, here’s the cream on the top of this Worthless Tax Evader…

Seems that in 2004, Sarah Palin Declined to Appear in Ads for A Candidate Because He Had Not Paid His Property Taxes.

In 2004, it came to light that Republican Rep. Vic Kohring owed the borough $2,277 in unpaid property taxes on property he owns off Knik-Goose Bay Road, according to borough records. “That bothered former Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin enough that she declined a campaign request to do a pro-Kohring TV commercial. As a former mayor, Palin said, it made her uncomfortable to back someone with unpaid taxes when the city relies on property taxes. [Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 10/28/04]

Oh Ms. Palin… You are such Hypocrite and Liar and Cheat and YOU Madam are what is wrong in this country… You are a Cancer to the People of this Country. Please take the money you made off of the foolish and naive people who follow you and go back to Alaska and pay your taxes, because as long as you stick your nose into the politics of this country I will be burning your sorry ass!

Special Thanks to Mudflaps and more information can be found Here

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  1. Gill S permalink
    February 7, 2010 4:52 pm

    That cabin is on the edge and it wouldn’t take much to push it over that cliff hahaha.. She is so disgusting and what an insult to women too! Words cannot describe how evil she is and smiles all the way to the bank… People who follow her are so rediculous like a bunch of brain dead cattle! Great article..

    • seanbond permalink*
      February 7, 2010 5:38 pm

      Hey Gil… Thanks for stopping by… So true and I guess there are more than this “cabin” which truly looks more like a house then a backwoods cabin. Maybe the survey plane can drop a sky hook on the way by and drag it down the hill 😉

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